Wednesday, January 18, 2012


January in this part of the world is defined by the wind. It's known as "El Norte" and sweeps lustily southward from the U.S. mainland like hordes of Americans seeking cheap Viagra.

I'm standing on the beach at Baja Joe's, a prominent (if rustic) kitesurfing venue. I'm taking in a magnificent panorama: brilliant blue waters of the Bahia de Baja California, swept with frequent lacing of whitecaps thanks to the 26 knot breezes that are prevailing. There are a breathtaking number of brilliantly-colored kites dotting the air before me; this is kitesurfer nirvana, cubed.

I notice one kitesurfer in particular, somewhat slender and diminutive in his/her black wetsuit. The surfer indicated to a beach bystander that they needed a "catch" and began making their way in to shore. It wasn't until the surfer stepped out of the water that I realized it was a man clearly into his seventies.

The principle enlightenment that R and I have gained since getting acquainted with the El Sargento community is how many middle-aged and senior citizen kitesurfers there are. And they're having the time of their lives.

Part of my mission this trip is to reflect, redfine, update my style, skills and "brand" and this makes it all the more reassuring to know that you should never ever ever second-guess anyone on the basis of their age.

Now if you'll excuse me I've got another chapter on jQuery to finish.

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